BMC - Branded • Malaysia • Customize. BMC Expert is the best moissanite diamond expert in Malaysia. We create high-end diamond jewellery for our clients with ethical and responsible practices. Our diamond is original with GRA certification and USA black Card code. We use the sparkling moissanite, that is said to be a gemstone born from the stars. At BMC, we have a team of skilled craftsmen that are proficient in creating custom jewellery pieces that you desire. Apart from creating custom designs, we at BMC also boast a sparkling collection of jewellery you can purchase.

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The craze around moissanite is very well deserved. A gemstone said to be born from the stars definitely deserves a spot in your spectacular jewellery collection or being the centre stone of your engagement ring. It was first discovered in Arizona, in the year 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan. He found the particles in a crater created by a meteorite that fell on Earth. Moissanite has a sparkle far greater than any diamond or other gemstone on earth. It is also the most eco-conscious gemstone available as moissanite requires no mining.

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An expert in curating custom jewellery design, we also boast a wonderful jewellery collection. Check out some of our best sellers.

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Think of a design and let us do the magic. Our customization is the best in Malaysia because of the following reasons.

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